Chained to the Machines

It’s time to find the balance between technology and simple living.

Being a web designer / developer makes it really hard to completely abandon technology.  Hell, being me makes it hard to abandon technology.  I began my life being obsessed with video games to the point where I wanted to make them when I grew up.  Then I got a computer and became emerged in the world of 1’s and 0’s.  The internet especially interested me and I became a master of the inter-webs.  I always had the latest gadgets and the most powerful computer systems, and have always spent a good deal of my life staring at this brilliant light behind this glass screen.  And now it is my job to create web sites for people, which keeps me immersed in social networking and all things web related.

It’s hard to imagine life without literally everything at my fingertips.

Hungry?  Order pizza online.

Need to find that long lost friend?  Facebook.

Need to listen to that one song, what’s the name?  The word “brilliant” is in it.  Google.  Spotify.  iTunes. Found it. Bought it. Listening now.

Who are the Mayans?  Wikipedia. Oh. Now I know.

What’s an Oscillator?  Google. Oh.

It brings me back to Jesus’ words,

“What good is it to gain the whole world but forfeit your soul?”

I mean… that is what we gain through technology, right?  The world at our fingertips?  But at what cost?

When the power goes off, or my cell phone or computer battery die, and I have a moment to myself… I begin to miss life without technology.  I begin to make myself promises that consist of long walks through forests… learning a new language… reading more books… exercising more… designing a Japanese Garden and constructing it… writing music… etc.  I get so excited to make something of my life and do great things, and then I’m sucked into the time wasting powers of the computer… the cell phone… and video games.

But it’s time to seriously reevaluate this.  I don’t want to be a slave to these machines.  I don’t want to forfeit my soul.

So what is the first step?  And in which direction?

How much technology do I need to give up in order to find my soul again?  Is this even a problem or am I making more out of it than I should?  Can you have the world and your soul too?  Can I live in the “dark ages” without Google and be ok?

What if this is actually my calling and it would be silly to give it up?  I mean… I am actually very good with technology and designing / developing web sites – so why run away from it?  Perhaps I can have my soul and help others find theirs with these skills…?  Yeah. Maybe.  But I don’t think so.

The older I get, the older I get.  I begin to realize how important it is to find peace within… to slow down and to breath.  How important it is to build an environment around you that you can recharge in and find peace in so that you aren’t constantly walking on pins and needles ready to lose it at any moment.

Plus, the older I get – the more I feel a slave to things.  Caffeine.  The Internet.  Sugar.  Music Consumption.  Video Games.

I’ve always wanted to be free – to live free.  It’s time to break free from technology and live on the dark side of the moon.

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