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Exodus part 2: Movement of the People.

[edit: the original video I posted got removed, so I updated it with this version]

I decided to write this post while jamming to Marley’s 1979 live version of Exodus, which he performed in Santa Barbara.  I suggest you hit play on the video above while you read.  If for no other reason except that it’s amazing and probably way better than what you’re going to read here on this page.

On with it!

“Ja come to break down oppression.  Rule equality. Wipe away transgression.
Set the captives free! Set the captives free! Set the captives free! Set the captives free!”

– Bob Marley

It has been four years since I left the pearly gates of the church behind me.  Well, four years since I stopped working in the church and moved from my home town to Portland, Oregon – which could have been described as an exodus.

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Exodus: part 1

I have not written publicly about these things as of yet. I have hardly talked about them publicly. It has been hard to find the right words, or if not the “right” words, the words that I feel do justice to what I have been through and what I feel about these things. But the time has come to at least begin to publicly explain my personal exodus from the church and organized religion in general. This, I am sure, comes as a shock to some people – and to others they have but assumed it was true. I feel that for even myself, it is hard to summarize what has happened as an “exodus from the church and organized religion” – but in fact, that is what it is. So I will try to use words to explain what has transpired, why, and how I feel now. Please have grace as you read (if you read) these words. I am not claiming absolute truth (although that may be some people’s main problem with my words… not enough claims of absolute truth), but what I am trying to do is make sense of my experiences – mainly to see if where I am at is a legitimate place, or if I am just scared and running away. Because running away is not the same as an exodus. One is caused by external forces, the other is a personal choice. We will see which it has been: an exodus or an escape; or maybe both.