Exodus: part 1

I have not written publicly about these things as of yet. I have hardly talked about them publicly. It has been hard to find the right words, or if not the “right” words, the words that I feel do justice to what I have been through and what I feel about these things. But the time has come to at least begin to publicly explain my personal exodus from the church and organized religion in general. This, I am sure, comes as a shock to some people – and to others they have but assumed it was true. I feel that for even myself, it is hard to summarize what has happened as an “exodus from the church and organized religion” – but in fact, that is what it is. So I will try to use words to explain what has transpired, why, and how I feel now. Please have grace as you read (if you read) these words. I am not claiming absolute truth (although that may be some people’s main problem with my words… not enough claims of absolute truth), but what I am trying to do is make sense of my experiences – mainly to see if where I am at is a legitimate place, or if I am just scared and running away. Because running away is not the same as an exodus. One is caused by external forces, the other is a personal choice. We will see which it has been: an exodus or an escape; or maybe both.

2 thoughts on “Exodus: part 1

  1. Kelsey


    I look forward to reading your words and journeying with you through your questions. I trust that your honesty will challenge not only your own reflection but also the world around you. My own journey has led me to a very similar theme of exodus. So, I openly want to listen and seek along side you.



    1. James Krill Post author

      Thanks, Kelsey. It means a lot to know I have a sojourner in all this. I’ve always respected your point of view and your openness and willingness to thoughts and ideas. I look forward to your responses / thoughts in response to my journey. Thank you for reading! Hope you are doing well!


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